Entrepreneurs and Corporations

Ideal solutions are not only the result of accurate analysis and diligent planning, but also require consideration of the client’s economic objectives. This demands profound legal expertise as well as an entrepreneurial understanding.

Therefore, we always align our legal advice with the economic requirements of our clients. We provide guidance and advice to our corporate clients in every aspect of their commercial activities, ranging from the decision on the legal form of a new company to be formed to assistance with setting up a prospering business, as well as to the most competent representation in litigation cases.

Being proud partners of the Vienna Stock Exchange, we also offer specific consultation on venture capital and private equity projects.

  • Company Formation
  • Articles of Association
  • Consortium and Syndicate Agreements
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Offshore-Integration
  • Joint Ventures, Private Equity and Real Estate Projects
  • Corporate Litigation: Enforcement of Shareholder Rights
  • Defense against hostile Takeovers, Squeeze-Outs
  • Forfeiture of Shares, Dismissal of Managing Directors
  • Organisation and Assistance in Special Audits
  • Mediation and ADR
  • Commercial Contract Law