Real Estate

Especially traditional city apartment buildings, hotel, retail and residential construction projects always trigger emotions. Plus, the real estate industry in Vienna is, more or less, a closed shop. In a sector where personal relations are essential, and where big business usually takes place only off market, our team’s network can prove a precious asset.

We are at your side when you wish to start with object scouting. We help you choose brokers and experts, we evaluate a real estate deal for you, and we support you when you arrange for real estate financing. With our red flag approach, we often identify all business-essential risks very efficiently and disarm potential traps at an early stage. We procure for all land register (or companies register) related filings in our standard service package already. And if desired, we even start planning your investment exit in the moment you sign the purchase contract.

Some of our clients are the undisputed market leaders in their business, and these had a turnover exceeding a billion. We are proud to be at your service. With our experience from the big players, we will make sure that your project is safely and swiftly implemented – so you can carry on enjoying your passion for real estate.

In order to handle your projects even more efficiently and comfortably, we have developed an innovative real estate dashboard that provides you with the current status of transactions in real time.

Our Services


Pre-Sale Preparations

Initiation of a confidential and protected negotiation environment, real estate financing assistance

Legal Due Diligence

Identification of legal and tax risks

Escrow Agent Services

Compliance Backup, guarenteed safe implementation of an escrow agent's duties

Post-Sale Assistance

Real estate holding group optimisation works, closing the paper trail

Contract negotiations

Complete contract design and negotiaton of agreements

Exit Planning

Forward sales, apartment ownership conversion, legal distribution support