Our Services

Corporate Law

With us, you have found your trusted advisor in all commercial and trade related legal matters: We protect your intellectual property, we fend off unfair competitors, we prepare reliable terms and conditions and draft contracts of all kind.


We care for good foundation governance. For that purpose, we advise trusts and foundations, their directors, founders and beneficiaries in all matters. Your foundation is under attack? We provide protection against external takeover attempts and against insider abuse.

Real Estate

You intend to sell, purchase or develop a real estate property? We can act as your representatives from the first LOI, ranging over the due diligence to the transaction closing, or as your escrow agent. We take care of all tax matters and ensure your development project’s success.


We represent your position and your interests before all courts, at all levels and instances. If you have to arbitrate or if you wish to settle a dispute amicably, we are always at your side.

Art & Culture

Artists and stakeholders in the art and culture industry often approach us to protect their interests, especially copyrights. With great enthusiasm, we do our best to bring your international art project to success.


You wish to purchase company shares, a bundle of assets, or to sell them? You consider a takeover, a squeeze-out, a management-buyout? We are your legal convoy for wherever you want to go to in the transaction business, even until post-closing.

Legal Tech

Innovation has been on our minds and in our hearts for many years. Our team not only advises innovative companies and start-ups, but also develops successful software solutions with passion.