Mergers & Acquisitions

Not only in an environment of low bank interest rates, corporate acquisitions and mergers are of vital importance for both investors and entrepreneurs. Only by using instruments of external growth can a firm immediately expand its market power.

Peter Melicharek has been an insider of the Austrian M&A market ever since he worked in an investment bank in the 1990s. When he became an attorney-at-law, he worked on some of the biggest deals that were staged in Austria. As of today, our law office may count several leading private equity funds as our clients.

Medium-sized enterprises are very popular targets. From the first steps of investment scouting, over a precise due diligence until signing and closing, you will be accompanied by expert guides who know the way very well. After your deal is through, we assist with post-closing measures to smoothen the transition into your group.

Our Services


Transaction Design

Legal sector analysis, feasibility studies, roadmap for your transaction

Due Diligence

Full risk assessment from a holistic entrepreneurial perspective. Immaculate vendor’s DD reports, inexpensive purchaser “red flag” reports.

Contract Services

Complete set-up of all sale and purchase contracts plus side agreements, shareholder agreements and companies register filings

Asset Purchase

We implement your asset deal, we provide help with evaluation and take care of all labour and tax law implications there may be.

“Poison Pill” Neutralisation

Claims for nullification, strategic escalation and de-escalation of conflicts, director dismissals, special audits

Compliance, Corporate Governance

Flawless documentation, transition and integration support after closing, implementation of international standards