Litigation and Arbitration

Iustitia (Lady Justice) is the goddess of the judicial system, Athena the goddess of battle strategy. If we had to choose, we would clearly side with the latter. For we are our clients’ advocates with our hearts and souls. Towards them, we prove 100% loyalty always, adhering to the highest professional barrister standards.

For some, a law suit before court is an adventurous journey. For others, it may just be a business necessity. With wits and skill, and (if the case allows it) often both with elegant virtuosity and surprising efficiency, we fight for your rights.

Whether we apply pressure on your adversary with a temporary injunction, whether we disprove the opponent’s evidence before the first instance court, or whether we refute his arguments before the Supreme Court: We are experienced with all situations that may happen at court. Hire us, and you can profit from it.

Our Services


Deep Conflict Analysis

Individual risk assessment and thorough scrutiny of all procedural strategies for better results

Out-of-Court Solutions

We represent our clients’ interests when it comes to finding fair compromise settlements without calling upon a court or tribunal.

Barrister Services

Full-service courtroom advocacy with direct attorney-to-client contact. We draft all court submissions, we plead on your behalf.


We guide you through local and international arbitration proceedings before any tribunal or panel.