Trusts and Foundations

The Austrian private foundation plays an important role in the local economy and society. Foundations are used to guarantee continuity for companies in a generation change scenario, and to structure family wealth.

The people of Wiener Advocatur Bureau have been engaged with foundation law for many years. We offer professional assistance with our unique experience in planning and setting up solid foundations – or in seeking an exit out of them. Wherever the force of circumstances should command so, we can help founders in re-inventing foundation structures and in optimizing them.

Over the years, we have guided numerous private clients through their estate planning and foundation design process. Some of those we worked for were very prominent private enterprises, some were public institutions. All of them profited from our passion for foundations, and from our thorough conviction that good foundation governance is the key to success. Only a foundation that is properly set up and independent will last for a century or longer.

In the event that an escalation of a conflict about a foundation should become inevitable: We are your trust and foundation litigators of choice.

Our Services


Foundation Administration

We take care of all foundations’ legal needs, whether a philanthropic or private entity is concerned

Optimisation & Restructuring

Amendments of the deed of foundation, tweaking of bylaws, re-drafting of internal rules of all kind

Exit from the Foundation

Assistance in tax compliance and asset relocation programs, slimming down and liquidating foundations

Conflict Management

Legal representation in disputes amongst a foundation’s directors and officers, defence against outsider attacks

Foundation Governance

Swift dismissals, director or auditor liability claim enforcement, full post-crisis governance reinstatement program

Stakeholder Representation

Protection and enforcement of founder’s rights, preservation of the rights of beneficiaries